Chiara Dalla Libera

“I changed country as normal people change clothes”.

I graduated in 2010, back then the programme was still called “Crossways in European Humanities” and my path took me for one year to Santiago de Compostela, then for a semester to Sheffield and finally to Lisbon. For two years my life had to comply with the baggage regulations of low cost airlines, I changed country as normal people change clothes and I had to make friends in places where I did not even knew the language. The Crossways programme gave me the possibility to meet amazing people and inspiring academics who taught me to be an independent thinker and a creative human being. Since that day in 2010 many things happened: I was offered a job as Account Manager in the Customer Service department of NetJets, a private aviation company based in Lisbon. Meanwhile I kept working with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa as general administrator: I helped new Crossways students during their Portuguese semester and I welcomed many of them at the Induction Days, that took place for the first time in Lisbon in 2012 and that I had the pleasure to organize. I also got involved into different projects as translator, blogger and event manager. Even if Lisbon was able to make me settle down for more than five years, recently I felt the need to be on the road again and I am currently attending the MSc in Creative and Cultural Industries Management at the University of Sheffield.


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