What’s on?

It’s only mid-November and so much already happened in the community!

– Our dear alumni Isabelle, currently on her second year of PhD at the University of St Andrews, had a very successful month! She was invited at a major interdisciplinary and international conference held at the University of St Andrews on the past and present of the relationship between Mexico and the United Kingdom. This was for her the occasion to present the results of her masters thesis on ‘British Imperialism in Post-Revolutionary Mexico. A Comparative Analysis through British and Mexican Novels’. She then travelled to the University College London where she gave a paper on ‘Literariness as Decolonial Subversion in the Zapatista Discourse’ at the Twelth Annual Historical Materialism Conference. Congrats Isa, that’s what we call a terrific 2d year kick off!

 – For the Erasmus Mundus Day, will be defying the Scottish wheather by having a bonfire a St Andrews’ beach. EXCLUSIVITY: the delicious and soon-to-be-world-famous Mundus-Cocktail will be revealed!

And you, what are you doing for the Erasmus Mundus Day? http://www.em-a.eu/en/home/archive-activities-to-join/newsdetail-activities-to-join/ema-day-2015-call-for-ambassadors-1837.html. Pique-nique, bonfire, pub meeting, international dinner, there’s a lot you can do to celebrate this international event!

 – How communications within and about our masters could be improved? Answer this short survey to help us improve our use of social media: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2F63X8M.

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