Four Degrees of Freedom, a film that needs your support


“To connect with someone is not a goal, it is a journey”

By Claudio.

Dear mates, colleagues, sisters and brothers from all over the globe, I have been honoured to be part of this amazing project that brings to light our special existence. We Crossways are one of the pillars of the “6 degrees of separation” theory and I hope you won’t hate my face and voice when (among other things) I will be speaking of my experience as Mundus student.

I believe this project to be the voice of our human path but it needs your tiny greatful help to reach life. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE HEART.

No matter what language we speak, we all share the language of humanity.


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The film explores whether two strangers can be connected through the random people they know. Paul is a software engineer from Glasgow and he knows five languages. He uses a microwave that can speak. Grandma Lena is a housewife from Gudevitsa – a small village in Bulgaria and she knows only one language – Bulgarian. Grandma Lena uses an oven, fuelled by wood. Paul is blind but he has travelled all over the world while Grandma Lena‘s eyes have seen only the beauty of Gudevitsa. The film follows a journey starting from Paul with the idea of reaching Grandma Lena through several connections. The goal of the film is to show the way we connect with each other and the world around us – and how a camera and the film making process can capture this.

The film is an experiment which tests the “six degrees of separation” theory. This theory claims that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. This means that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be used to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.